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1. What is SchiffliOnline.com?

Schifflionline.com is a Business to Business website (B2B) offering punched and ready to run Schiffli embroidery designs in MST and SAS format. The designs are grouped/gauge repeat wise in books of 50 designs and pdf data sheet.

2. Are these designs ready to run?

Yes. These designs are ready to run. We would still suggest that you check the design for fix stitch, lock stitch and needle out frame movements including borer movements to suit your machine type/ thread/ fabric/ needle etc. The design download gives one repeat along with a mirror image. You will have to set the repetition according to your fabric width.

3. Do I own these designs?

These designs have been collected, created and produced over a period of 20 years. These designs may or may not have been embroidered for commercial production. We would still suggest that you make changes in the design before undertaking any mass commercial production.

4. Can I sell these designs?

You can produce the Schiffli embroidery and sell the same. You may not sell the punched designs.

5. What if my machine does not run .MST or .SAS format?

You can use a punching or editing software and convert the format to your requirement. Would suggest you recheck the design once again in case any of the functions have switched on or off.

6. What should I check before I run the designs?

We would suggest you must check the entire design. Fix stitch, lock stitch, borer size, jump stitch length, flat stitch tension, frame movements for jump stitch and needle in etc.